All the artists of our group are from a very poor economic background. Most of them still live in slums. Our music troupe is their one hope to a better life with dignity. Being transgender persons, they have been facing discrimination in their daily lives and living courageously.

Making them as world class artists and giving them opportunities to live in a better environment and living conditions is my goal. My dream is to take them to places that they would have never imagined even in their dreams. In a few years our troupe should be travelling around the world.

Your willingness to financially support an artist for a year would make an extraordinary difference to the life of someone who is severely limited in their opportunities and resource. It will change the life of someone who has great creative potential and untested capability.

As a sponsor you will bring hope and a means of livelihood to a poor transgender artist. You will be connected with the artist who will know your name and that you are supporting them. You will receive a monthly progress report of the artist.

Your sponsorship will provide training in music, dance, theater and travel support for the artists. 
Sponsor an Artist for Rs.4500 or ($100) /month

Individuals, businesses and organisations have the opportunity to show support for the arts and the artist with a sponsorship. A sponsorship provides excellent exposure for both the artist and goodwill for you, the sponsor. In return for your support, you will enjoy Festival Acknowledgement and Branding, Complimentary Tickets and Exclusive Festival Event Invitations.

Please write to Kalki for more information on sponsorships.
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