Liberation Performing Arts Troupe is an initiative of Kalki Subramaniam, founder of Sahodari Foundation. Liberation Performing Arts Troupe is an all transgender artists' music,dance and theater troupe from Tamilnadu, India. The troupe was first encouraged by the Social Welfare Ministry of Tamilnadu. The Department of Social Welfare gifted our troupe with 15 folk music drums (Thappus) and thus our group began its journey slowly. performs tribal, folk, pop and experimental music, dance and theater.

Since most of the transgender people are abandoned from their biological families in their early years, most of them end up in begging or other similar means of livelihood. Even if people offer jobs, the salary offered by the employers is too low and the transpersons quit their jobs and end up once again in begging or sex work. Because they miss their education, it becomes difficult to make them pursue education in their adulthood.

One of the alternate methods of a sustainable livelihood is to encourage their inborn talents. Transgender people are exceptionally creative in arts like music, dance and acting. Their talents need to be polished and channelized through proper training, support and encouragement. Thus, the Liberation Performing Arts Troupe was born.

The group comprises of more than 25 transgender people who are good in singing, poetry and music composition, folk arts, classical and bollywood style dancing, acting, mime, mimicry and painting. Moreover, the members of the troupe are open to learning and getting trained in other art forms as well (example capoeira).

Learning will be a continuous process for the artists in our troupe. Right now our workshops and training is done with small funding from friends and well wishers. We have been moving at the right pace. Please check our artists in this page.  If you'd like to help us, please check our adopt an artist page. You can also write to Kalki at :
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